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So I managed just to suck it up and send this girl a friend request on facebook, i know it sounds pathetic but it took a lot haha!! It has been a couple of days and i am hoping she just hasn't checked her facebook but i think my dream of this movie style romance is slowly wilting like an un-watered rose. Although on the upside i have applied for a job on a cruise ship (not to stalk her) because i love travelling and i am the kind of person who will do anything and think i would definitely suit working on the entertainment team as i am not shy what so ever. Also i don't think i am ready to go back home to England and settle into a routine!  I still don't want to give up on this girl, she is worth a lot more than that...but i don't want to become pathetic with no hope. In other news, my friend is coming over from england and we are going to travel up to boston which i am excited about!! I will keep you all posted, you never know, true love may find it's way to me! 

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